April 1st, 2002


a girlie survey!

How many hair products do you use? hmm. 2. shampoo and conditioner.
Blow-dryer? every day (almost)
Curing iron? sometimes.
Straigtening iron? nope
Shampoo: Artec. (kiwi) omg I love that stuff, but since I was poor this past 2 weeks, I had to settle for pantene, but at least I had my left over Matrix conditioner.
Conditioner: haha. answer above.
At the moment, is your hair its natural color? haha. well my roots are. manda needs to do my hair again, people scare me down here.
Generally, is your hair nice to you? yah. it pretty much just sits there. boring.
How many makeup products do you use? hmm. well since I'm not gonna go break out my make up case..I'd have to say a few.
Eyes: brown glittery pencil for the main part of my eye, w/plain brown powder for the rest. curled up w/my eyelash curler, and black mascara. simple.
face: basis facewash, and liquid foundation.
lips: imma lil boring. cuz i just use gloss. :)
Are your nails painted right now? nope. i really hate them painted.
How many skin products do you use? 1. thats bad huh? hehe. but i hardly ever get zits!! or wait..i just looked below and it asked for lotions..which i use. so n/m.
Face wash? basis
Face moisturizer? none.
Lotions? bath and body works. sweetpea, cucumber melon, country apple...oh and i use my "happy" lotion sometimes...by clinique.
Do you have more girl firends than guy friends? Yes.
Count your friends. How many? well im just gonna count my close friends..id have to say about 4.
Girl power theme song: "just a girl" no doubt.
Favorite girl group: Hole. (but theres a boy in there.)
Best female performer in history? patsy cline.
Most annoying girl singer: leann rhimes
Is it? No, just got done w/that.
Do you keep track? well its kinda hard not to when you are on bc.
Do you usually get cramps? nah.
What food gets you through pms? chocolate and i love pickles then for some reason.
Do you get bitchy during pms? i get very emotional.
Is your cycle the same as any of your friends'? it used to be.
Your mom's? yah. that wasnt good either.
Yeah, shopping rocks right? of course.
Have you shopped in the past week? yeep.
Are you an impulse buyer? not really.
Can you decide on what to buy? i really dont have to "decide" its either i want it..or i dont.
Who is your favorite shopping buddy? sneed and amiee, cuz they dont care if i take too long..cuz they do too. esp..amiee.
Gay/straight/bi? me or the boy? haha. i'd prefer straight for both pls.
Do you have a crush? yah. a huge one. on jussy. :)
How many boyfriends have you had? haha. lets not laugh. only 4 "real" ones...but thats not counting the boys I "played" with. ;)
What kind do you like? pretty, silky, bikini cut.
Do you like buying it? love it.
Which pair is your favorite? haha. prolly my pink pair. cuz i always reach for them first if they are in my drawer.
Which bra is yuor favorite? all the same. so i'd have to say the white one. hehe.
Do you wear underwear to bed: yep!
Do you purposely expose your undies when you bend over: nope. not my style. :)
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Well here I am, being bored..waiting for thee laundry to be done. I wish I had my own washer/dryer instead of having to go downstairs to use the facility..its gross thinking that other peoples underwear gets washed in there too. eek. Last night was Justin and I's anniversary for our first date, which was 3 whole years ago. hehe. Anyways..on that first date we went and seen "10 things I hate about you" and guess what was on USA last night!!! The same movie! Fate works in mysterious ways! hehe. So we watched that, ordered pizza, and basically just had a awesome night. Ohh. there was this diary on "opendiary" which I was reading...I read that WHOLE diary..and now we have all learned that it was a FAKE. people are so f'n ignorant..how can someone make something up like that! I guess that girl just had a lot of free time on her hands...ahh well. It was interesting while it lasted 'eh? hehe. Well thats about it for now, justin is playin his lovely playstation..which i personally hate. :)
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