March 28th, 2002


north carolina..

blah. i want to move. I really hate this place and I don't know why..I just do. If it wasnt for Amber, I'd really really hate this place. haha. So I've been looking for a job lately..I had an interview the other day, it went alright..It wasnt expected so I had no time to think of bullshit to tell them! I also sent out this application for a state job working w/youth. I wish i'd get that...but as luck would have it..prolly not. :) Oh well, I shall anyways..I want to move. I don't care where just anywhere but here. I want to get that overseas stuff over with...and thats for 3 years and by then I will be ready for my beloved baby. haha. :) Anyways..enough of this crap.
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