March 25th, 2002


all you need is love......

was one of the songs they sang in Moulin Rouge, which I obviously watched last night. It was a very fast paced in some parts, which made me very dizzy and kinda jumpy! haha. But..all together I believe the movie was quite wonderful. I love musicals anyways..and I didn't know that like all the songs in there were up to date songs, famous songs. Some of that was quite when they started singing "Roxanne" by the Police. hahah. that made me laugh..oh and then in the beginning they were singing "here we are now, entertain us" and i was just sitting there thinking to myself "are they singing Nirvana?" hahah. thats when I was thinking uhhh am i gonna like this movie? but then i was pleasantly surprised! I would definately watch it again. I give it **** four stars. hahaha. :) So, that was pretty much my night..justin and I had watched "The Mexican" earlier that night as well, and that was okay. Then while he watched his "action" movie, I sat on this dreadful internet looking for a stupid job. eeeeek. Well that is all for today, I must go and pick up those lovely pills. :)