March 24th, 2002


someone to catch my drift...

was the book I finished tonight. It was interesting, yet very good. The setting was in it was cool when they talked about "the loop" ..I used to love going there. I miss it every now and then. I miss going to shows, and hanging out there...basically I just miss that city. Theres just something about it that I love and I havent quite figured that one out yet. I'm not quite fond of cities (well the ones that i've been to anyways) and yet...that one feels like home to me. so blah. that book made me think about st.louis its been on my mind. :P so anyways! I have come to realize tonight that I don't write in my journal very much...but I read others journals/opendiaries.. far too much! I love to read baby/pregnancy ones! *shakes head* I have no idea why, b/c I know I can not possibly have a baby right now b/c I don't feel ready..but I just have this obsession. and I have a obsession w/names. pls help me. haha. I do, although, write in my real journal almost every other feels more real to me I guess. who knows. well thats about all I know, my jussy is finally home and im quite happy about that although he was quite thee jerk today just b/c I didnt want him to take those playstation games and trade them. He just likes to waste money sometimes I swear. I want a new couch, no time for wasting! But, he made it up to me by being a total sweetie tonight so all was forgiven. *love is patient. love is kind...* I must say that scripture when he gets on my last nerve. haha. and thanks to thee one above it makes it all better! well thats it for now.
lots of love
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