March 17th, 2002


happy st. patricks day!

hihi. once again here I am writing, since I havent written in awhile. blah. Well last night I had a awesome time. I went to this place called "THe Palomino" and its like a country western bar/dance place, and on the other side there is this place called "South Beach" w/like the basic club/dance place. So you could go like back and forth. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back there again. I had some really awesome drinks as well. I spent like 60 dollars that wasnt cool, but at least I had fun right? yay. hehe. Justin is still in Virginia and it really sucks..I just want him to come home. It feels like hes been gone forever..military life really sucks yah the president came here last Friday..but I missed it due to shopping. whoops. Its not like I would have got to shake hands w/him or anything..he was here for the troops so its not like I (being thee wife) was a big deal. hehe. blah blah blah. I havent talked to Amiee in like forever cuz shes been in Georgia I miss her too much when I dont like talk to her like every other day. haha. Well, im going to Tabitha's to stay all week cuz im too much of a wussy to stay here by myself.
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