March 4th, 2002


*`~~The One~~`*

So I find a reason to shave my legs
Each single morning
So I count on someone
Friday nights to take me dancing
And then to church on Sundays
To plant more dreams
And someday think of kids
Or maybe just to save a little money

Your the one I need
The way back home is always long
But if you're close to me
I'm holding on
You're the one I need
My real life has just begun
Cause there's nothing like
YOur smile made of sun
In a world full of strangers
You're the one I know

So I learn to cook
And finally lose my kitchen phobia
So ive got the arms to cuddle in
When there's a ghost or muse
That brings isomnia

To buy more thongs
And write more happy songs
It always takes a little help from someone

this song reminds me of how i feel about justin so i decided to put it down.
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    Shakira ...... the one.