February 1st, 2002


*i think we are here to stay..and i couldnt imagine it any other way*

I havent written anything in my livejournal..in a long time..so since I have nothing to do on this lovely Friday night..its what I will do. :) Well, justin came home and we had a wonderful christmas together. He bought me my engagement ring..so I was quite happy and suprised! (if you didnt know..i only had a wedding band when we got married b/c we didnt have any money!) Its soooo beautiful, its exactly what I wanted. It is platinum w/a diamond in the middle (which is like a rock to me. haha) and then 10 smaller diamonds running under the big one and on the sides. I had never seen one like this before..but it fits my personality exactly..like it was made for me. hehe. :) So i was pretty excited about that as you can tell. He suprised me with it right before we went to Illinois..so the whole time that I was driving I kept staring at it..even in the dark b/c its so sparkly! I about went off the road a couple times. haha. Its due for a cleaning now though so imma have to take it in!
So that was december.
In january nothing much has happened. Our best friends down here are moving on April 3rd..so thats not cool. We are going to miss them so very badly. this part of the military life is icky. Hopefully, some of my friends from home will come visit me! haha. thats doubtful. :P Oh i did go see the movie "a walk to remember" I had read the book last year and it was soo good, so i had to go see the movie. It was so much better than i had expected. i loved it. Usually the book is like ten times better than the movie..but it followed the book quite well. I have read almost all of Nicholas Sparks books and they are all sooo good..so if you get a chance read one of his books. he also wrote "Message in a Bottle"...ya'll probably know of that movie. He's also from n.c. so thats a plus in my book. haha.
So yah..I have to get a job. Isnt that just going to be lovely...a shitty job that doesnt pay jack shit. icccccccccck. I shall be starting school very soon again though. I don't know that with all of the financial aid stuff I will actually be able to start as soon as the summer..so i believe I am going to start in the fall. I dont care when I start just as long as it is soooooon. I want to get that crap over with and have a good job! I hate school though..but I'm just going to have to make myself go.
Next week is my birthday!!! I am going to be 21!!! yay. I will be legal. I also get to go to New Jersey for the next 2 weeks so thats going to be fun as well I hope! vacation time for me. We are staying in the Raddisson (however u spell it) and it has a pool/hottub..and hopefully a BAR! lol. Im going to become an alcoholic. haha. anyways, this is getting very long and im sure you are all bored by now.
I miss my friends...:( So if you guys are reading this im missing you right now. hehe. wish we could just go to denny's and hang out.
can u believe justin and i have been married a year and 5 months..i swear we just got married yesterday! haha. i love him so much...is it really normal to love someone this much? if its not than i guess i'll never be normal..cuz i love it this way. I was talking to my sneed the other day (sneed=amanda) and i was telling her about how..you think you love someone as much as you ever will..and then like the next day you love them even more. its crazy. we've come so far. :)
Anyways..enough is enough.
I shall write again soon. Happy Valentines Day!!
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....when he looks at me and smiles...

Wow..im actually going to type in this thing 2 days in a row. how exciting is that. the last entry was super long..im sure everyone was quite bored with that..but guess what i do this for me. :) Tonight, Justin and I and our friend Amber went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse..it was quite yummy. tomorrow is thee Superbowl..although we arent going anywhere I dont believe...jussy is such a recluse. he never wants to go anywhere. i guess b/c he works all the time..and 12 hour shifts at that...so im guessing his days off he just wants lounge around. who knows...maybe hes just wierd. :) maybe we both are. OOoooooOOO. Well, thats about it..im all outta words.

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k. im pissy right now. some little bitch is using my nickname on aim, right? so i have to use angelpez7...so anyways i dealt w/that one already...but her stupid lil friends were all msging me saying i was a slut and all this shit for no reason just cuz my icon is a pole dancer...its a freakin joke omg. im really pissy about those stupid lil girls..and they were going on telling me they were like 23..rofl yah right. then dont act like you are 14 when you start talking to me. LIKE I DONT KNOW WTF THEY ARE DOING. ugh. i did that for too many years, harassing people just cuz i could. so i guess this is my payback. but this has been my f'n nickname for a long ass time k. the stupid bitch told me she took it from me before. ugh. why am i even mad about this. prolly just cuz they were ignorant lil bitches. if my kid acts like that imma smack the shit outta her. hahah.